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Conditions of sale

  1. The starting prices of each lots at the public auction are set from the second mail bid price plus one more step of the bidding chart. In case there're multiple highest bidders of the same bidding prices, this price becomes the starting price.
  2. The highest bidder shall prevail. In case of equal mail bids, the earlier arrived will be considered as successful.
  3. In case of equal mail bid and in room bid, mail bidder shall prevail.
  4. Bids should be received until the indicated deadline.
  5. A 20% buyer 's commission will be added to the hammer price for each lot. All prices expressed in the catalogue and all bids are in Yen, unless otherwise stated.
  6. Payment must be made in full just after the end of the sale in the room, or within 10 days after receipt of the invoice.  Interest shall be payable by the purchaser on any overdue account. The Auctioneer has a discretion to waive payment of the interest.
  7. Wire transferring fee and paypal fee should be paid by each buyer.
  8. Shipping cost should be paid by each buyer and we will send the lots by post at your expense and risk, unless the purchaser has given other instructions.
  9. If the bidder want to make extension bids, he/she have to tell the wish to the auctioneer on the day of the public auction plus three more days after it. We choose the expert committee and ask them to expertise and send/receive the materials for the winning bidders regarding Japanese stamps. In this case, the bidder have to make a payment of the part of the expertise fees and deposit of the winning lots including our sale fee. In case that the result is genuine or with no opinion, the deposit money is sent to the consigner and the material is shipped to the winning bidder with a cert. In case that the result is forgery, deposit money is returned to the winning bidder excluding banking fees and remaining expertise fees. Regarding the materials which no Japanese expertise committee can't expertise, the material are sent to the winning bidder after the deposit money is received, and all the communication with an expertise committee must be done by the winning bidder.
  10. If there is a difference between text and photo of the lot, text prevails.
  11. All descriptions are reliable and accurate and the lots are sold as genuine and authentic, unless the contrary is indicated. The purchaser may reject the lot and return it within 7 days of the public auction, if he proves it is not genuine or incorrectly described. The lots must be returned intact and as originally despatched. Lots which have been examined by the buyers before the auction cannot be returned. Also, lots purchased in the room cannot be returned after leaving the place. Buyers have no right to reject mixed lots, collections containing undescribed items, or described as having defects. Any illustration is part of the description and items cannot be returned for defects visible in it. When the value of a lot lies in the cancellation and not in the stamp, any defects of the latter shall not be a reason for rejecting the lot.
  12. We do not take responsibility for non-acceptance of mail bids or postal mail bids. We also do not take responsibility of the wrong description of catalogue number or classification if text and photo give you more details.
  13. No lots are allowed to be returned in any reason, after 24 days pass the auction day.
  14. Any buyer could be excluded if he is not a person of good faith, according to the Auctioneer's opinion.
  15. The auctioneer has all the right to handle the auction and no objection against his/her decision shall be accepted.
  16. Bidding chart: From 0 to 7,800 Yen - 200 Yen From 8,000 to 19,500 Yen - 500 Yen From 20,000 to 49,000 Yen - 1,000 Yen From 50,000 to 78,000 Yen - 2,000 Yen From 80,000 to 195,000 Yen - 5,000 Yen From 200,000 Yen - 10,000 Yen


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